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Thursday 02/23/2006 4:29:29pm
Name: Carole Moseley
Email: carole.moseley<at>
Message: Would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything about my ancestors Anna Manthorp born 1859 and George Manthorp born 1832 innkeeper of the Queens Head, in Seckford Street.


Saturday 02/18/2006 2:41:03am
Name: Judy Soanes Simmons
Email: ging0317<at>
Town: Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
Message: Born and raised in Norfolk/Suffolk moving to Ipswich in 1947; married 11/1958, emigrated to present location in 1960; have one sister living in Waldringfield, Nr. Woodbridge; another sister living in Ipswich, Suffolk; other family members in area.


Thursday 02/09/2006 11:21:35pm
Name: Victor Rouse
Email: bvrouse<at>
Town: Victoria, Canada
Message: My father was born in Ipswich in 1907. However, we have photos of his parents and older brother who apparently lived on Seckford Street in Woodbridge at the turn of the century.
My grandfather's name was Sidney Rouse and his father's name was Ebenezer.
My grandmother's maiden name was Vine (Ethel) and her, I believe, adopted parents ran a pub in this same area with a horse mentioned in the name of the pub.
We hope to go to this area sometime in the near future and follow up the above.
Thanks for your web site.
Vic Rouse


Thursday 02/09/2006 1:27:51am
Name: Barry Bertocki
Email: bgbert<at>
Town: New Kensington, PA USA
Message: Born in Ipswich to GI father and Woodbridge mother. I was stationed at RAF Chicksands (Beds) in 70's. Visited Woodbridge in 1995. Had a wonderful time with my Aunt & Uncle, Max and Jean Creasey.


Monday 01/23/2006 5:12:39am
Name: Venetia Kathleen Harrington
Email: lonsdale1<at>
Town: Terrigal 2260 New South Wales AUSTRALIA
Message: We spent 3 lovely days staying in Woodbridge, we had our evening meal at the Kings Head Pub. Woodbridge is just the way I expected an English village to be, just lovely with its winding streets & beautiful Flowers & the Tide Mill, which I have a very old painting of on my Bedroom wall, this belonged to my late Husband's Mother, & very friendly people.
I will be back, I hope, all being well.
Regards Venetia Harrington


Tuesday 01/03/2006 6:07:02am
Name: Valmay Lewis ( nee Tilling)
Email: valmay.lewis<at>
Town: Ambarvale NSW Australia
Message: My father was born in Woodbridge and I'am very interested in its history my Grandparents lived in Melton Hill Woodbridge.


Tuesday 12/27/2005 8:58:52pm
Name: Scot Raymond Maxwell
Email: maxwell7<at>
Town: Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Message: You have quite the website!! Someday when I become rich... ha... I hope to see it for myself. I was born there in the 81st tactical hospital in May of 1963, somewhere in the area...? I have part of a copied birth certificate and would like to get a certified copy of the original but can't seem to find a way... If someone reads this and feels pity on me, and knows how to achieve this, please please please let me know. If by some greater miracle you knew a staff seargent Raymond Maxwell and his wife Wanda Sue, by all means, please let me know. Thank you and may God Bless you!


Saturday 11/19/2005 4:52:03pm
Name: Larry Meyer
Email: meyernagy<a>
Town: Boise, Idaho USA
Message: I was an air force brat from 1971-1977. I lived in Kesgrave for several years before moving onto Woodbridge Air Force Base. I am still an Ipswich Town Fan and follow the blues here in the USA.


Saturday 11/19/2005 3:26:44pm
Name: Leonard Lecroy
Email: lblecroy<a>
Town: Charleston SC
Message: Was stationed at Woodbridge 1952-1956, air police. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Saturday 11/19/2005 0:49:31am
Name: Elaine J. Schofield
Email: Escho<a>
Town: Andover, MA. usa
Message: I visited Woodbridge in October of this year for 3 days(2005). I stayed with Jill and Dave Willis on Church St. who were so hospitable. It is a lovely town with a charming waterfront. Hope to visit again sometime.


Wednesday 11/16/2005 3:53:25am
Name: Marilyn & Lee Mong
Email: mamong<a>
Town: Kossuth, PA U.S.A.
Message: I was a Woodbridge girl. Married Lee from Woodbridge base in 1959, we had 4 children & 7 grandsons. Lee has been home with me twice, I come home every year, sometimes twice, the last time I was home I landed 20 mins before the bombings, very scary. I have been very happy here but it took me a while to adjust as I came to a farm out in the country, but a wonderful place to raise a family. I was very dissapointed in the medical treatments the British have its appaling, as my sister & brother-in-law had third world treatment, the hospitals are auful, things have changed for the worst in the years I have been away, but its still home & where my roots are & I love to go home but would never live there again. Would love to hear from friends who remember Lee Mong, he worked on the flight line 1957-59.


Thursday 11/10/2005 4:57:44pm
Name: Ken & Nancy Ankrom
Email: ankrom6<a>
Town: Henderson, KY
Message: We lived on RAF Woodbridge for 4 years. We left when the base was closed down in 1993. We loved being stationed there.


Friday 11/04/2005 6:46:38pm
Name: Adrian H. Hunt
Email: huntadrian<a>
Town: Searcy, Arkansas
Message: I was stationed at MH 1943 thru 1945 with the 356th Ftr Gp.


Thursday 09/15/2005 2:00:46am
Name: (name inadvertently removed by IE)
Email: Email linn<a> to fix this.
Town: Chelsea, Alabama, USA
Message: Late March 1952, I & about 30 others arrived at Woodbridge RAF Sta. Grass in cracks in runway, rabbits running everywhere. I wan an A/P. Stayed till April 55. Sure enjoyed my time there & the trips to London. Got out after returning to the States, always wondered how life would have been had I RE/UPPED.


Sunday 09/11/2005 2:46:02am
Name: Denise Brill (fomerly Schroeder)
Email: denise_brill(a)hotmaildotcom
Town: RAF Woodbridge Earl Soham
Message: I grew up on RAF Woodbridge 77-82 with my parents Ken Schroeder 67th ARRS and Mary Schroeder and my little brother Tom. Lots of fond memories of hanging around base with friends taking the shuttle to Bentwaters and school activities at WHS. I keep in touch with kids from '84 and the all class reunions as much as possible and have been to 3 so far, Dallas (92?), Denver 97 and Las Vegas 2002(?). Brad Watts and I have searched for Reed Damson. Would love to hear from anyone. Some of the best memories of life are of living in England. (where are those Ruby Red Slippers when you need them?!!) Melanie Regan also now lives around the corner from me here in Colorado Springs.


Sunday 09/04/2005 5:31:03am
Name: Chris L. Gray, MSgt. USAF (Ret.)
Email: cgray<a>
Town: Monticello, AR
Message: Stationed at RAF Mildenhall with 5th MAPS from 1975-1977. Lived in big 'pink' house in Isleham 'kitty-cornered' from the Rising Sun Pub, my 'local'.
Stationed at RAF Bentwaters 1983-1986 in 81st TRANS. Lived in Framlingham on Fore Street. Frequented ALL the pubs and the Crown Hotel too, but would say the Hare & Hounds was my 'local'.
Enjoyed England very much, both times.
Would have married an English woman and settled there when I retired in 1989, if only I could have found one to have me, ha.
Of my assignments to Viet Nam, Taiwan, Korea, and even the States, I enjoyed England the best.
Cheers, Chris


Tuesday 08/23/2005 2:18:52am
Name: Lee & Marilyn Mong
Email: mamong<a>
Town: Kossuth Pa. U.S.A.
Message: I was born in Woodbridge, I married a G.I. Lee Mong in 1959 from Woodbridge base, I go home every year, Lee has gone with me twice, he did not reconize the place, its made so many changes. We had 4 children, & have 6 grandsons, we have been married 46 years, happy years.


Monday 08/22/2005 4:30:11pm
Name: David Beeman
Email: beerman3133<a>
Town: Alamogordo, New Mexico
Message: My wife and I were married in Woodbridge back in 1990, we were both assigned to RAF Bentwaters at the time. Hope to someday be able to return and see how the area has changed since we left.


Thursday 08/04/2005 9:41:25pm
Name: Jim Niederkorn
Email: clsctrvl<a>
Town: RAF Woodbridge 1965-1968
Message: I was a son of a USAF personnel. My father, Ben Niederkorn was in the communications squadron at Bentwaters. My brothers and I spent three great years in Woodbridge. We did have a great friend in a guy named Jerry Abblet. I am not sure of the spelling, but he worked at the base NCO club. He was a great guy. Anyone know him?


Wednesday 07/27/2005 2:16:18pm
Name: Dick Watson
Email: watsonex<a>
Town: Hunt, Texas
Message: I was stationed at Bentwaters/Woodbridge from '74 through '75 as a Civil Engineering Officer. Went back for a visit in June 2005. The best part of the whole trip was Long Springs Guest House, and it was a pretty good trip!


Saturday 07/23/2005 6:22:31pm
Name: John Dowd
Email: flashj1<a>
Town: Riverview, Fl
Message: South Ruislip 1959-1960, RAF Woodbridge - Bentwaters 1960-1963,
RAF Chicksands 1970-1973. Looking for John L Montgomery Woodbridge 1961-1964


Tuesday 07/12/2005 11:52:24pm
Name: Maureen Duralski(nee Kirby) also exSmith
Email: MDuralski<a>
Town: Delhi. California.
Message: I lived in Melton from 1946, went to Melton Schoool, then on to Farlingaye. I worked at the telephone exchange in Church St. Married Peter Smith who was a civilian working at Bentwaters for the Air Force. We had two sons, sadly we divorced in 1975 & I married 1st Sgt Ray Duralski(Ski)in 1975 we had a daughter in 1976. I had so many American friends before I married Ray, anyone remember me. Ray & I came out to California in 1986 just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Please E-Mail me if you remeber me, would love to hear from past acquaitances. I still get over to Essex & Surrey, Tunbridge Wells where my sons & relatives live & my 5 wonderful grandchidren. I have just discovered that my brother John Gray is in this Noticeboard too.


Monday 07/11/2005 0:36:25am
Name: Tom Furman
Email: tfurman<a>
Town: 67th ARRS from 74-86
Message: Came across this page while looking up old friends. I'm planning a return to the UK next spring and hope to make a visit to Woodbridge part of our itinerary.


Thursday 07/07/2005 10:49:35pm
Name: Jim 'Bimbo' Niederkorn
Email: clsctrvl<a>
Town: Carson City, Nevada, USA
Message: We were stationed at RAF Woodbridge from 1965 to 1968. My father was in the comm. squadron at Bentwaters. My brothers and me went to Lakenheath High School. Best of times was had by all of us. Still think England is the best!!


Thursday 06/30/2005 0:10:30am
Name: Meg Roberts McCartney
Email: camgem53<a>
Town: Prairieville La USA
Message: Hi to the lovely people of Woodbridge, Suffolk England... I loved living in Woodbridge in the early seventies with my folks and siblings. It was one of the fondest memories that we have growing up, living in your great village. Of, course I am sure that you've grown in the past 30 plus years. If anyone has knowledge of the Mrs. Jessie Whittaker Family, John, David, Peter, Paul, Andrew or Sally please give them my e-mail address. They are dear friends from that era... Thanks, Grammy Meg


Saturday 06/25/2005 3:07:13pm
Name: David Amos
Email: davidamos43725<a>
Town: Cambridge, Ohio, USA
Message: I am writing this for my father-in-law, Paul Alexander Peter Woodard, a life long resident of Woodbridge, who passed away on 7 April. He was a very kind and great man and I wanted folks to know this. Received the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct in 1972 during a boiler explosion at St Audrey's hospital. We shall always miss him very much. Thank you.
David Amos
MSgt, USAF (Ret)
Cambridge, Ohio, USA


Friday 05/20/2005 8:49:13pm
Name: Harold (Harry) Etheridge
Email: doglover1947<a>
Town: Macon, GA.
Message: Stationed at RAF Bentwaters 68-71. 92nd TFS Weapons Mechanic. Would like to hear from any 92nd TFS troops. I am retired civil service from Robins AFB, GA. Those were the best years of my life(could have been the ale). Watney's Pale Ale? Memory is fading, need to share memories and talk about the good old days!!


Sunday 05/15/2005 5:11:06pm
Name: Shirley Harvey
Email: picklepug<a>
Town: yorktown va. usa
Message: Left Woodbridge to go to USA in 1959. Would like to know if there is anyone that remembers Harvey. Was stationed at Bentwaters, my maiden name was Johnson. Would like to hear from you if you think you might have known me.
Thank you


Sunday 05/15/2005 4:41:49pm
Name: Brad Duni
Email: bduni<a>
Town: los alamos, new mexico, USA
Message: My grandfather's brother lived on 10 Castle Street. I am trying to locate Thomas Cook or any Cook relative. If you could help, please e mail me. Thank you.


Saturday 05/07/2005 3:13:55pm
Name: Harland Zell
Email: hm.zell<a>
Town: St Louis, MO
Message: Perhaps I might be already in the Noticeboard, but I thought I would enter again.
Thanks to Linn Barringer, he has got me on line with the events in Woodbridge. Thank you very much.
H Zell


Saturday 04/30/2005 2:58:54pm
Name: Debbie Porter now Robarts
Email: deborahrobarts<a>
Town: Wauchula, Florida
Message: Stationed at Bentwaters from 86-89! Worked in the pachage store on base and until the new club was built, loved hanging out at the temporary "gym" club. Anyone remembering this, send me a line.


Friday 04/29/2005 3:00:31am
Name: Donald Mison
Email: lyndon<a>
Town: Sun City Claifornia USA
Message: Was once a Warrant Officer with the A.T.C. Woodbridge.


Monday 04/25/2005 0:19:29am
Name: Gordon Nelms
Email: enelms<a>
Message: USAFE 1966-70 at RAF Bentwaters with the 91st TFS.


Thursday 04/21/2005 5:46:45pm
Email: sitraj<a>
Town: glendale, az
Message: [no message was left]


Monday 04/18/2005 10:42:07pm
Name: Michael Jolly
Email: daffy14017<a>
Town: Miami, Florida
Message: Sure do miss Bentwaters/Woodbridge, while with the 81st air police 1965 to 1967. Also miss Nicki Tripp from back then. Would not recognize Ipwich today. Will visit someday.


Sunday 03/27/2005 8:42:32pm
Name: Steven La barre
Email: viper20002<a>
Town: Liverpool NY
Message: 67TH ARRS from 1973 to 1975


Saturday 03/26/2005 11:49:41pm
Name: Ron & Penney Wheeler
Email: blackbrd<a>
Town: Danville, Iowa
Message: We lived in Woodbridge from 1987-1991. Loved it and still miss it. Anyone know who now owns the Mariners Arms Pub on New Street?


Saturday 03/26/2005 3:22:44am
Name: William G Williams
Email: grampafisher<a>
Town: Belleville ,Illinois USA
Message: Loved the 3 years I was at Woodbridge. Rode my bicycle to and from Woodbridge Base. Always stoped a the Tavern Pub. Some of the best folks in the world were in there. Thanks for the wonderful memories.


Friday 03/25/2005 11:41:01pm


Thursday 03/03/2005 2:18:26am
Name: Art & Jo Pohlmann
Email: apohlman(a)
Town: Altus, Oklahoma
Message: Mr. Barringer, we really enjoy your web site and all the information you provide. Have just finished reading History of Bentwaters and Woodbridge by Norman Rose. Really brought back memories of Woodbridge and RAF Station Woodbridge.


Wednesday 03/02/2005 7:04:26pm
Name: Thomas E. Mc Dowell
Email: tommcdowell6(a)
Town: Leander,Texas
Message: I came over with the Pedro rescue det. when Charlie De Gaule kicked us out of France. We came over from Chambley A.B. France. We flew our HH-43 Bs over and went to work covering that area of England and Col. Olds F-4s.
I left in spring of 69.
Later saw Beatle Bailey up at hill were I did test hop section Q.C. Stopped flying in 74.


Monday 02/28/2005 0:39:48am
Name: Warren D. Crothers
Email: jettester2(a)
Town: Fort Worth Texas
Message: Hey ya'll. Someone from Bentwaters/Woodbridge during the time of 09/77 thru 09/79 may remember me. I worked in the jet shop and flightline.
I tried to send Gary Joyner an email and it was returned. It was sent to an AOL address. Please email me if you remember me. Thanks!
Warren Crothers


Friday 02/25/2005 4:49:09am
Name: Dan Jones
Email: dippodan(a)
Town: Jacksonville,Ar
Message: Split my time{61-64) at both WB&BW in the Security Police. Had a great time. I guess it was better than I thought. I've heard that folks from even OTHER WORLDS have checked it out. Any dart players out there??


Wednesday 02/23/2005 1:51:33pm
Name: Eugene & Janet (Marsh) Tilden
Email: EFT71(a)
Town: Speringfield Massachuetts, USA
Message: [no message was left]


Wednesday 02/23/2005 1:37:06am
Name: Dennis Herdina
Town: RAF/BW
Message: Earlier entry in Noticeboard. Just came back to site for more review of pictures and sights. Thank you for bringing back many memories and places. I do miss the Woodbridge area. Dennis J Herdina SSgt Retired USAF CBPO 1970 to 1972


Tuesday 02/22/2005 11:41:30pm
Name: David Moore
Email: moor7887(a)
Town: Palmetto GA, USA
Message: I was stationed at both bases from 64-67 really loved the place, I am in the process of getting a passport so I can return. I went with a girl from Ipswich she lived on Wexford Road, she now lives about 100 miles south of me, her name was Shirley Goring, keep up the site will check daily thanks.


Monday 02/21/2005 1:11:10pm
Name: Michael Coleman
Email: katted310(a)
Town: Los Angeles CA
Message: A fond hello to all FD dogs from 82-84 at the bridge.

Saturday 02/19/2005 5:01:12am
Name: Zeke Silva
Email: dodgrfan2k(a)
Town: flagstaff, az
Message: I was a medical corpsman at the Bentwaters clinic from 72 till 73. Worked with some great people there, great memories.


Monday 02/14/2005 7:29:11pm
Name: Sharon Lalicker (Dockum)
Email: s_lalicker(a)
Town: Girard Kansas
Message: My father, James Dockum and our family were stationed at RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge from 1976 to 1983. I graduated from Woodbridge American High School in 1981. I made a lot of friends off base and on. I loved working my summers on base doing summer hire. I do miss England and would love to go back to visit. The food was wonderful. I would love to get in contact with some of my old friends and classmates I graduated with.

Monday 02/07/2005 2:34:08pm
Name: Richard Albon
Email: albonl(a)
Town: New Braunfels, Texas
Message: I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge from January 1960 to January 1963 in the 81st Air Police Squadron.


Saturday 02/05/2005 2:56:42pm
Name: Harry/Theresa Griffin
Email: tessig(a)
Town: Tacoma, Washington
Message: We were stationed at Bentwaters twice - from 1963 to 1966 and again from 1970 to 1973. Three of our children were born in Benwaters. Harry was in MMS. We lived in Saxmundham the first time and Lakeside, Thorpeness the second time. Anyone who knew us during those tours please contact.


Tuesday 02/01/2005 3:37:01pm
Name: Lionel Askew
Email: Lionel.askew!(a)
Town: Newport News, VA
Message: Thanks for the web site. It brings back many memories. I was stationed at Bentwaters 1983-1985. I lived in Wenhaston. When I was there I got a automobile and travel all over Suffolk and Norfolk County.


Sunday 01/30/2005 2:58:36pm
Name: Warren D. Crothers
Email: jettester2(a)
Town: Fort Worth Texas
Message: At W/B B/W in '77, '78, & '79. In the Engine Shop and Flight Line. The BEST two years of my life.
Best Regards to All,
Warren Crothers


Wednesday 01/19/2005 3:26:08pm
Name: Mike Salas (Cisco)
Email: ffourphantom(a)
Town: San Jose, California
Message: I served at RAF Woodbridge from 1969 - 1970 (14 months). Great time, Great friends, wonderful country but a bit too cold. I was a crewchief on F4 Phantoms in the 78th TFS "Bushmasters", Barracks 593. Had a good time at the Running Buck Pub in Ipswich. TDY assignments to Turkey and Italy. Hello to my buddies Vinney, Proc, RD, Charlie, Chappy and Ozzie. We were young once and I miss everyone.


Sunday 01/16/2005 9:29:13pm
Name: Frances Meg Roberts McCartney
Email: camgem53(a)
Town: Prairieville Louisiana USA
Message: Hi,
I lived in Woodbridge from 12/69-7/72 with my siblings and parents. My father was in the United States Airforce and was stationed at RAF Woodbridge. My sister, JO, and I consider our years in England the best of our childhood... Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jessie Whittaker and family, Sally, Andrew, Paul, Peter, John , David, Gillian and ...?


Tuesday 01/11/2005 10:56:45pm
Name: Julie Hines
Email: julie_hns(a)
Town: Fredericksburg VA
Message: I married a guy form the States, looking for his friends from the wedding. M. Conrad, D. Dillard Tszynaki (sorry if I spelled it wrong) Chief. Craig and I were married on the 5th of Sept, any one out there who knows us would love to hear from you.
Craig and Julie


Sunday 01/09/2005 10:55:20pm
Name: Lonnie Collins
Town: Gilbert, South Carolina 29054
Message: Enjoyed serving at Woodbridge in the Fire Dept May 1952 - Sept 1953
Enjoy learning more about Woodbridge and England


Sunday 01/09/2005 5:52:55pm
Name: Linn Barringer
Email: linn(a)
Town: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

Please send your proper email address. The one in the entry below is failing.
Thank you.


Sunday 01/09/2005 4:01:50pm
Name: Lynne Wiser (Gillings)
Email: hollesley_bay(a)comcast .com
Town: Lancaster PA U.S.A..
Message: Hello everybody, I'm from Hollesley not far from woodbridge live there most of my life, went to school in Woodbridge - Farlingaye high school - I now live in PA but I do go home once a year, so I don't get to miss it that much. Some holiday can be hard but all I have to do it pick up the phone and call my mum & dad. My husband was on Woodbrigde air force base from 1981 to 1984, his name is Darrin Wiser (Bud). We married in Melton and have been happy ever since, we have 2 childen. If anyone knows us please e mail.
Thank you,
from the Wisers

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