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Heavy Horse Museum - dedicated to the Suffolk Horse

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Suffolk Horses pulling a plough in a ploughing match at Eyke in 1995An award winning museum devoted to the Suffolk Horse breed (also known as the Suffolk Punch) of heavy working horse, the oldest such breed in the world and probably the most perfect working animal ever bred by man.

Left, a pair of Suffolk Horses (familiarly known as the Suffolk Punch) are shown, left, photographed by Linn Barringer at a ploughing competition at Eyke in 1995. 

The Suffolk was developed around Woodbridge in the fifteenth century and its interests are looked after by the Suffolk Horse Society. The breed almost became extinct in the 1960s but was saved by dedicated breeders. The museum records this achievement, and how the Suffolk is used today.

The Museum includes the history of the breed and its Society, and the work of the blacksmith and the harness maker, shows and showing, the horses' work and the life of the horseman, in displays, paintings and exceptional early photographs.

Other Suffolk breeds represented are Red Poll cattle, Suffolk Sheep and Large Black pigs, which make up the Suffolk Trinity.

The Museum is located in the Shire Hall, Market Hill, Woodbridge.

Opening Times: Easter Monday to End September: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; 2-5pm.

<< BUT NOT May Bank Holidays or August Bank Holiday >>

Admission: £2.00, £1.50 80p for children and concessions. Educational visits for schools are available, linked to the National Curriculum. Guided tours for groups of people can be arranged by arrangement with the secretary.

Note: A flight of steps makes access difficult for those with restricted mobility - please call the Museum for advice before visiting.

Please contact the museum before travelling, to confirm times and admission fees.
Contact the secretary: Telephone 01394 380643, Fax 01394 610058
Charity Reg. No. 220756 - Patron: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

For more pictures and details of the Society, visit the Society's web site.

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