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Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Ship Burial

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sutton hoo maskSutton Hoo is a group of low grassy mounds, overlooking Woodbridge from the Eastern Bank of the Deben. In 1939 excavations brought to light the richest burial ever discovered in Britain; an Anglo-Saxon ship containing the treasure of one of the earliest English kings, Redwald, King of East Anglia.

Excavations, completed in 1991, proved the site to be a complex collection of burials, some royal, others possibly the victims of execution. A visit consists of an interpretative tour of the mounds and photographic display.

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National Trust Sutton Hoo page

Sutton Hoo Society's web site

The National Trust is a Registered Charity no. 205846
The Sutton Hoo Society is a Registered Charity, No 293097

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