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1955 Photographs

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Some of the first photographs on this page were donated by Ron Hastings and Harland Zell, both of whom served in the USAF at the Twin Bases of RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge in the 1950s. The photos were previously identified as being taken "in the 1950s" hence the copyright date.

Further photos were added in December 2002, July 2005, and September 2007.

The originals are even larger than the 'enlarged' view provided here, so if you want to see the full size image, please contact Ron Hastings, or Harland Zell.


Thatched house in the Suffolk countryside.
77. Thatched house in the Suffolk(?) countryside. Can anyone tell me where this is?


Sheep in a country lane, Suffolk, around 1956
78. Sheep in a Suffolk country lane, 1950s. Copyright © 1956, Ron Hastings



Cherry Tree Inn
79. The Cherry Tree Inn in Cumberland Street. Much of the building is the same today.


Thoroughfare with double-decker bus
80. A double-decker bus passing a car in the Thoroughfare.


Oak Tree
81. A splendid example of an oak tree, somewhere in the area of the Melton Grange Hotel.

Oak tre adjacent to Melton Grange
82. Is this photo, taken in 2006, the same oak tree?



Melton Station
83. An interesting view of Melton Station, from just across the level crossing.


rh-bassdock.jpg (39496 bytes)
84. Bass Dock. The world famous Tide Mill is just visible behind the dock buildings.


rh-deben2.jpg (111702 bytes)
85. This magnificent panorama is taken from the Sutton side of the River Deben.
Note: Gasholder, spire on St. John's Church, neither of which are extant, although
the latter has been replaced with a modern steel version. Click for larger image.


rh-deben.jpg (59032 bytes)
86. Working on a boat in the river Deben, at low tide.


Tide Mill
87. The Tide Mill, summer of 1955. Ron said "I opened a book I've not cracked in 30 years, there was the print of the mill."


Tide Mill
88. In December 2002, Ron sent another of his 'golden oldie' finds, again an excellent shot of the Tide Mill, possibly taken from the hard pedestrian causeway, which barely exists now.


rh-coachnhorses-melton.jpg (19993 bytes)
89. The Coach and Horses at Melton, near the cross-roads and traffic lights.

melt-coachandhorses-20010128.jpg (54911 bytes)
90. This is the same building as above, in 2000. 


rh-couple.jpg (15062 bytes)
91. Unknown happy couple - Ron was just "walking around, shooting a roll of film."
Do you know who this is?

Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 7:03 PM
Subject: Identify couple in 50s picture
From: Doris Snyder
I believe the gent. in the picture is Francois (as he was called) with his wife - I can't remember her name. They owned a hotel behind Curry's in the 50s, housing mostly Americans. You could get to it down the hall by Curry's or in the back entry by turning off Quay Street between the dance hall and the church. Francois was french and also ran a bakery concession on base.
Hope this helps



Pony and trap being passed by a Hillman Minx.
92. Same question for this pony and trap. Do you know who this is? The car is a Hillman Minx.


93. 'Cornerways' is halfway down Melton Hill - on the right hand side if you are going from Woodbridge (Red Lion) to the Melton traffic lights. Thanks to " H" for that information, provided in December 2002.


rh-methodist.jpg (46854 bytes)
94. The Methodist church in St. John's Street. "The Hexagon" has been added to the right of the building.  The fir tree is no longer there but otherwise the view is much the same - see below!

Methodist church, 2004
95. Methodist church, 2006


rh-mgh.jpg (45256 bytes)
96. This interesting Victorian building was originally a family home, named Melton Grange.
Later it was The Melton Grange Hotel but was closed in .... not sure... 2001?.

Melton Grange
97. After fire damaged the abandoned hotel, the 'modern' section was demolished. the three-piece chimney can be compared with the chimney on the left of the building in the previous photo. This photo was taken from approximately 90 degrees from the one above.


rh-thatch-cott.jpg (45791 bytes)
98. This thatched cottage was close to Wilford Bridge, just down from the fork in the road going between Bentwaters and Woodbridge. This very photograph helped Tom Gaither to revive some old memories, which in turn led Tom to produce a water-colour painting of the cottage.

Thatched  Cottae by  Wilford Bridge
99. Here is the water-colour painting that Tom Gaither produced, after the photograph above jogged Tom's memory.

Fantastic coincidence!
Through a convoluted website and email connection, I received this email about the photo of the thatched cottage close to Wilford Bridge (2 above) from a lady who thought the lady in the 1950s photograph was her grandmother...

From: Patty []
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Hi Linn,
I just returned from my trip to Hertfordshire and Suffolk. I met up with a gentleman that was able to let my daughters and myself look inside the thatched cottage at Wilford Bridge. It was exciting to go inside and see the old rooms and the new addition. I showed the photo you have on your web site to my Mum and I had thought it was my Nan in the photo, lo and behold it is my Mum !!!
We had a good laugh as even though she will be 90 in August she still has a very sound mind and sense of humor...her comment was.."Oh, they had to pick a day to take the photo when I had my scrubs on" apparently she was wearing her old gardening clothes. It did make her day though. She doesn't understand 'web sites' and kept asking where I got the photo from...
Thanks for allowing us to see a little of the past.



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