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Close to Home

An enchanting way to spend a day outside Woodbridge is to explore the course of the gently flowing Deben. Woodbridge sits at the far end of the tidal reach, upstream is the fresh-water Deben, flowing from Debenham through Letheringham Mill, built in 1740.

Opposite Woodbridge, just across the river is Sutton Hoo, a world famous historic sight and home of the magnificent burial ship of Raedwald, King of East Anglia.

Downstream from the Woodbridge Tide Mill and yacht clubs, where you can see dinghies under sail in the glistening river, is Kyson Point, a bird reserve with picturesque vistas back to town. Beyond it is The Maybush pub at Waldringfield where seals are often seen, having strayed upstream from the estuary.

Further downstream are the Ramsholt Reaches, home to The Ramsholt Arms, while finally at the mouth of the river overlooking both estuary and beach is Bawdsey. The magnificent manor house was home to radar development prior to the Battle of Britain and then missile modification after the war but is now a language school.

Across the river, accessible by small passenger ferry, is Felixstowe Ferry with its fishing boats and welcoming pubs and cafe.

The barge, Neljan
Queuing for a river trip

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