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Woodbridge Wander (including history, links and map)

The best way to get to know Woodbridge is to take a stroll round the town. Here is a suggested route with a light commentary taking in some of the more interesting places. Depending upon how quickly you want to go and how many times you decide to stop it can be completed in anything from two hours to a whole day. To make the best of the wander we suggest you undertake this little adventure on a Saturday.

Begin in the Car Park, marked on the map to the left of Elmhurst Park, and with the river behind you,

head right in the direction of the old redbrick wall that marks the beginning of Elmhurst Walk, a narrow lane running into the centre of town from which you turn right, through an ornate wrought iron gate, to enter Elmhurst Park. Here you’ll be confronted by a massive, two-hundred-year-old, copper beech tree, providing a magnificent foreground to some great views of the River Deben, the masts of moored sailing boats and Sutton Hoo hill beyond.

The park is a small green oasis, gifted to the town in 1935, containing imaginatively designed gardens and hosting an extensive summer concert program and the Suffolk Folk Festival.

Sketch map of Woodbridge by John Roberts of Top Floor Studio, Woodbridge

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