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Fierce dogs in Church Street, WoodbridgeAs you leave the churchyard on your right hand side is the Abbey School, once the seat of Thomas Seckford.

It stands on the site of an Augustinian Priory and, these days, offers musical recitals, usually advertised on the gates outside or in the Tourist Information Centre. From the corner follow the natural slope down Church Street, passing, on the right hand side, the ferocious looking ornamental dogs on the first floor of two narrow Victorian buildings decorated by brightly painted beams.

Smiling man in moulded plasterOn the same side, a little further down, is a solicitors office, above the door of which is another good example of a moulded, smiling bearded man. Continue down Church St to the junction with the Thoroughfare. On the first corner is The Cross, a free house, while on the far corner is the excellent Crown, at the entrance to Quay Street.

Descending toward the river along Quay Street there are few diversions, The Captains Table,

a highly-praised restaurant and on the same side, a little further down, a striking silhouette of a fantasy garden party, high on the side of a pale blue house.

On the opposite side of the road is the workaday United Reformed Quay Church. In a recess just past the entrance is a gravestone mounted in the wall, belonging to John Bayly Tailer; it is worth examining if only for the epitaph couplet,

“He was an active and consistent Christian
Extensively useful where he resided.”

At the bottom of Quay Street is The Anchor Inn, another fine local pub, while on the other side a couple of Tudor cottages, one containing a chandlers, with white pargeted walls featuring an ornate sailing ship and the date of the building, 1568.

PargettingMorris dancing outside The Anchor, Woodbridge

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