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Woodbridge regattam 2006

You are now on Quayside, directly opposite the art deco Riverside Theatre and cinema, a comfortable venue with its own restaurant. It stands to the left of the Victorian railway station that in its turn contains the Tourist Information Centre. Call in for information about events and tide timetables so that you can be sure of seeing the river at its best.

Between the cinema and the station take the wrought iron footbridge crossing the track and leading to the path by the river.

The far end of the bridge offers a panoramic view of the quayside, the moored boats and barges, the river and Sutton Hoo hill on the far bank. From the bridge you can detour right along the towpath to the sailing club and model yacht pond or turn left past the quirky houseboats toward the famous Tide Mill.

The red-roofed, white-boarded Tide Mill is a 17th century construction on the site of 12th century mill and was still working as recently as 1956. It’s well worth taking a look round the inside before considering your next move. Beside the mill is the Waterfront Café a highly commended eatery on the quay path. The path heads inland to the railway line and then across to Quayside road but if you fancy a detour stop at the low flood gate before you reach the rail line and turn right down the narrow footpath, part of the long distance footpath, The Sandlings Way.

Woodbridge Tide MillIt curves on the landward side of the new marina before passing Robertson’s boatyard, Sun Wharf Outfalls a few ancient buildings, a crumbling barn and crossing the train track. After a ten minute stroll you’ll emerge opposite Elmhurst Park, at the bottom of Lime Kiln Quay Road.

If you ignore this detour and carry on from the floodgate over the rail line and road you’ll be diagonally opposite the car park and Elmhurst Park, where you began this little adventure. From here you can walk back into the heart of town and join the Thoroughfare via the Turban Centre.

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